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Gene Mage

Gene Mage, Executive Coach, Certified Master Coach

Telephone: 6159273655


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Angela Woods

Angela H. Woods has a proven leadership track record. She has 20+ years of demonstrated ability to lead strategy & organizational alignment, increase revenue growth, design workplace giving strategies, drive expense management and demonstrate corporate social responsibility impact and DEI strategy

Telephone: 901-652-8235


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management, Wellness


Alisa McDonald

Alisa is CMC, Certified Executive Coach Specialist, Certified GallUp Strengths Coach, MBA, PMP, and Trusted Business Advisor. She helps others maximize their talents to achieve sustainable professional and personal success. Intentionally she guides individuals, teams, and business leaders to leverage their strengths and create strategies for success.

Telephone: 704-928-9021


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, Transition


Katie Baird

Katie transitioned from climbing the traditional corporate ladder to nurture a career built upon her passion for human connection, problem solving and accelerating personal and professional development. She views each coaching engagement as an opportunity to work with, learn from, and further the potential of her clients. Steadfast elements of Katie’s personal brand revolve around her attentive listening, genuine support and powerful questioning. Her coaching style is about leading from behind, which enables clients to move forward to insight and action. Katie delivers a deeply impactful, bespoke experience with a healthy dose of good humor along the way. She has coached executives and emergent leaders (across mature Fortune 100 companies, Unicorn start ups, and small scale entrepreneurial endeavors) in industries ranging from financial services, to healthcare, consulting, media and technology. Katie is a Rice University trained, ICF-certified coach, with an undergraduate degree from Washington & Lee University and a Masters of Public Policy from American University. She stays current on research, science and best practices in the coaching field as an affiliate-member of Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School. In the spirit of continual growth, Katie advances her craft as an executive coach via professional development including Coach Supervision hours. Her experience draws upon eight years in Consulting, and nearly three years of coaching mentorship under the tutelage of several premiere executive coaches with expertise in human behavior, systems change, and energy leadership. Katie’s approach to coaching is further informed by her career in Corporate America as a Strategy & Operations Consultant with Deloitte, much of which focused on strategic workshops designed to assist recently appointed executives make a successful and efficient transition into their new executive role.

Telephone: 2038041213


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Transition


Cathy Liska

Cathy Liska is the CEO/founder of the Center for Coaching Solutions and the Center for Coaching Certification. Her personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion to empower others to achieve the results they desire.

Telephone: 843-209-2641


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Catherine Baskin, CAC, CPCC, PCC

Aspirations Coaching Services offers Executive and Leadership Coaching that inspires and empowers men and women to be transformed and thrive as great leaders. Executive and Leadership Coaching will equip and prepare you for those pressing challenges you are experiencing; communicating your vision, thinking strategically, executive presence, shifting mindset, team performance, managing up, organizational changes, leading change, time management, inspiring others, engagement, empowering and motivating, performance management, increasing confidence, work relationship challenges, encouraging action and innovation, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. And much more.

Telephone: 301-812-7692


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Valerie Chaney

Strategic partner to business owners, executives and professionals in the discovery, implementation and execution of solutions to the impediments of sustainable growth and success.

Telephone: 610-203-6286


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership


Elizabeth Boehm-Miller

Since 2003, Elizabeth has been courageously leading teams and delivering extraordinary results. Her executive corporate experience leading in a global Fortune 500 company resulted in dozens of her direct reports accelerating their careers and achieving success. Her passion for developing talent and the potential of others, led her to create Lifelong Learning Coaching & Consulting where she continues her work of empowering leaders to live their best lives.

Telephone: 2819064336


Specialty: Leadership, Life Events, Transition


Patti Oskvarek

She specializes in Personal, Business and Leadership coaching. She has over 20 years of experience as a supervisor and leadership skills. She inspires others to pursue their passions in life whether it is their relationships, career, business, or leadership skills. She is passionate about helping others find their passion, purpose and confidence in their life.

Telephone: 480-204-0604


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, Purpose


Terry Phillips

I have 30+ years in public education and 14+ years mentoring and developing leaders. My coaching includes personal goals, business development, and leadership development.

Telephone: 571-379-6948


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management, Skill Development, Transition


Cecilia Zapata-Harms, MS, MHA, CPC

Focused, intuitive and empowering approach in coaching

Telephone: 206-841-0075


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Diane Gongaware

Diane is a master coach whose passion is to help leaders use their strengths and talents to their desired highest impact. She partners with her clients to bring them the unique benefit of certified professional coaching skills that are combined with her 30-year track record as a senior leader. Diane brings passionate commitment and a down-to-earth perspective to her sessions, whether she is coaching executives, newly promoted leaders or emerging and early in career leaders,. Her coaching is founded her core values of authenticity, integrity, confidence in her client(s), trust and respect combined with humor and joy. Her approach includes strong listening and thoughtful questioning to help her clients evoke insights, leverage strengths and build confidence. Her experience as a leader in finance, marketing, general management, sales and sales leadership means her clients get the benefit of someone who has been on the front lines, is strategically focused and results oriented. She is a member of ICF. She has been honored as a 2015 YWCA of Silicon Valley TWIN Leadership awardee, a CRN Top Women in the Channel and earned the Women in Technology (WIT) Large Business Leadership Award for mentoring and coaching leaders.

Telephone: 7035092180


Specialty: Business Management, Career, Leadership


Dina Simon

Leadership and life coaching to find your unstoppableness.

Telephone: 651-270-1118


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, People Management


Don Neault

Don partners with his clients to heighten their awareness of their personal and career goals. Drawing upon his expertise in assessing talent, his respectful candor and his experience with globally diverse talent ultimately enables Don to help these talented professionals to see their future and plan their growth. In addition to executive coaching, Don is an experienced coach and mentor in the development of early in career, women and other diverse hi-potential talent seeking to maximize their career progression and navigate corporate environments. His listening skills and ability to ask the right probing questions allow those with whom he works to explore their strengths and develop strategies to capitalize upon them. Don has been recognized as a leader in Cisco and throughout the industry for developing women and minorities and assisting them in dealing with the unique situations they face.

Telephone: 17036288572


Specialty: Business Management, Career, Leadership


Sara Ermeti

Sara provides one-on-one coaching and individualized resume writing services for those of all ages, career stages and interest in all industries. Sara is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years experience in the field of human resources including University teaching to both traditional and non-traditional students. In addition, she provides HR Consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Telephone: ‪(574) 213-2425


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Gaby Alvarez-Pollack

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Learning expert with an emphasis in strategic talent management, behavioral assessments and human improvement. Passionate and focused on bringing individual talents and strengths to life and opening paths of continuous improvement and learning. Gallup Strengths Coach/EQi2.0 Certified Coach/DISC Certified Coach

Telephone: (619)890-1543


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Skill Development


Hyman Sukiennik

Utilizing a long track record of success to coach, mentor and motivate leaders and achievers. Highly accomplished, results driven senior executive with over 30 years of progressive business experience heavily emphasizing growing businesses and developing teams. Demonstrated ability to align cross-functional teams towards common goals and visions. Master Coach, Mentor Leader

Telephone: 404-913-3620


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, People Management


James McDonough

I bring a wholistic approach to talent and process management as a Certified Profession Coach; Six Sigma Master Black Belt, experience with Lean in transactional and operations; and certified in Change Management. As an executive level HR professional, I am able to apply my 30 years of global experience to assist organizations create an inclusive environment in order to optimize their talent and organizational capabilities.

Telephone: 513-519-9122


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management


Jacqueline Brodnitzki

Elevate the performance of executives and their teams by helping talented executives become exceptional leaders.

Telephone: 800-270-6722


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, People Management


Jennifer Bellinger

I am a coach who guides my clients to their own solutions through the exploration of possibilities, weighing of options and educated solution selection. Together we set goals, create a plan of action, implement the plan, make course adjustments when necessary, identify centers of focus and sources of motivation leading to a plan for accountability and ultimately achieving the goals set by the client.

Telephone: 618-920-9837


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, Skill Development


Jennifer Connell

Jennifer is not your typical entrepreneur. She thrives when she serves in a coaching and consultative roles, supporting individuals in developing their internal capacity to lead, adapt to change, and achieve new heights of success. She earned her Masters degree in Organizational Systems and integrates her multi-disciplinary professional and personal experience with her integrity, humor, creativity and passion. Her dynamic style enhances her ability to bridge the gap between an individual’s vision and the human resources required to fulfill it.

Telephone: 904-252-7935


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Wellness


Jerrell Moore

I provide individuals and organizations with the insight, advice and tools they need to fuel dramatic change through executive coaching and leadership consulting. With more than 15 years in human resources and leadership development, I have advised and counseled countless leaders at Fortune© companies from the Hollywood actress to the c-suite executive.

Telephone: 678-757-5355


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Jill Wilk

With 20+ years of human resources and organizational behavior experience working with small and mid-sized businesses, Jill specializes in coaching businesses and individuals in leadership and career development, translating goals into tangible action steps. Simply stated – turning goals into wins!Certified She is a Professional Coach (CPC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) member. Her educational credentials include a Masters of Science degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication and Theatre from University of Washington.

Telephone: 925-586-1111


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Transition


Jeff Gruber

J N Gruber Group is a Human Resources Consulting practice engaged in improving Human Resource processes and coaching and developing business managers and leaders.

Telephone: 312-925-8616


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, People Management


Jonathan Villaire

Cognize Consulting leadership coaching services are specifically designed to help today's managers and executives become more engaging leaders through the joint exploration of their leadership styles and areas for growth and enlightenment in the practice of employee engagement and experience.

Telephone: 617-686-9042


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Joy Kacik

Joy has over 30 years experience as a professional negotiator, and focuses her practice on individual, team, leadership and organizational development work. As a personal consultant/ coach, she will help you discover the full breadth of value you bring to your work and gain recognition for that value. She will help you to identify opportunities and choices for your career growth and then gain the focus to choose next steps that lead you to your ideal fit for both work type and work environment. Once in that ideal job, she will help you in working with others to maximize your contributions to the organization and, if you are in a leadership role, to manage your direct-reports to grow their capacity and elevate the overall performance of your team. A specialty Joy brings is coaching and consulting with clients to skillfully negotiate job offers and salary increases. To gain the most value from this service, contact Joy before you even have the job interview! You may be asked in the interview what your salary requirements are and you want to have the answer that sets the right course for negotiating the best job offer!

Telephone: 267-240-5131


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management


Juanita Bulloch

Juanita is a Certified Master Coach with emphasis on Executive, Engineer and Small Business Coaching. She is passionate about empowering and motivating others to use their knowledge.

Telephone: 843-333-5050


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, People Management


Karen Mildenhall

KM Leadership Solutions works with high-potential leaders in mid-sized to large organizations who are stuck in their progress as leaders. They are on the leadership bench and are not quite ready for that next big assignment. These individuals and teams are high-performers that are driven to succeed. I help them break through and demonstrate their authentic leadership behavior.

Telephone: 602-885-3439


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Kashfia Khan

Kashfia's mission is to guide impact driven women define their way forward in leadership, and in life. A Certified Professional Coach with over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry working in government, non-profit, and corporate.



Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Kimberly Blanchette, Ed.D., CMC

Dr. Blanchette is a career and life coach who helps people connect their passion and skills to meaningful and fulfilling purpose. A higher education leader and teacher for over two decades, Kim has coached college students, staff, and faculty as they pursued education, training, and professional careers. Kim’s life purpose is to coach, guide, teach, and share wisdom. Today, Kim offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual and group coaching, to seminars and online courses, and keynote speeches.

Telephone: 603 236-6096


Specialty: Business Management, Career, Leadership, Life Events, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition


Kiersten Simon

Executive Coach | Certified Master Coach Leadership Development | Mentoring | Personal Growth

Telephone: 16103310899


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Transition


Kris Liebau

Trust Yourself. Reach Your Team. Act with Impact Together. Stop firefighting and start doing the work you and your team are meant to do. With empowering private and group leadership coaching, identify the most valuable actions you can take to grow yourself, lead with ease, communicate well, and guide everyone to reach their potential. If it’s time to get off the hamster wheel and show up as the leader you really want to be – we can help. Let’s find your way to act with impact together.

Telephone: 419 509 0509


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Lisa Platske

An award-winning leadership and connection expert and certified professional coach, Lisa Marie's high-energy presentations and coaching programs have been transforming people and organizations for over a decade. Using her seven (7) step

Telephone: 305-447-9634


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership


Lindy Williamson

Coaching specialties include people management, leadership and transition coaching.

Telephone: 843-452-1777


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Transition


Lisa Hilton

Lisa is an executive and leadership coach, organizational development consultant and facilitator, with over 20 years experience working with organizations to achieve success through leadership development, strategic decision-making, change management, performance management, team leadership, emotional intelligence, workforce effectiveness, conflict management, and effective communication. Lisa provides a coaching and facilitation strategy uniquely tailored to each individual to align leaders and employee behaviors, turn high potentials into high-impact leaders and cultivate team accountability and inspire peak performance results.

Telephone: 713-927-2667


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, Skill Development


Michael DiMedio

Certified Professional Coach with decades of leadership and management experience in business.

Telephone: 312-882-8673


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Leadership


Maile Topliff

Specializing in coaching for Executives and Leaders. Generally, my clients come in at a time of transition -- new role, extended responsibilities or span of control.

Telephone: 651-340-7122


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Transition


Margi Bush

Margi is a Certified Master Coach offering one-on-one coaching, team coaching and leadership coaching. She is an accountability partner acting as a catalyst for change offering a coaching relationship, which provides the client an opportunity to focus on what they want. Margi’s open-ended questions, genuine curiosity, and active listening helps her clients in being the captain of their own ship, fostering self-awareness, helping her clients develop resourcefulness for creating and sustaining the purposeful life that they want. Margi is a Certified MBTI® Practitioner generating in-depth reports to help the client better understand themself, build on their personal strengths, and improve their interaction with others. Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument, she can provide workshops in the areas of Leadership, Team Building and Conflict Management around personality types. Margi is the author of, “Finding Space for Responsible Risk Taking” and “Designing Your Own Strategic Roadmap: Creating an Overarching Framework of What You Want.” Read her blog at: where Margi speaks on topics related to personal growth, professional growth, leadership, communication.

Telephone: 3045494630


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Transition

Mindy Potter

Caladium provides Executive Coaching to leaders of people and specializes in Leadership/High Potential Development, Interpersonal Skills and Team Engagement and helps clients achieve their goals for success and fulfillment in their chosen profession.

Telephone: 404-312-3853


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Naomi Clark-Turner

Dr Naomi Clark-Turner PhD ACC has over 30 years of executive experience in the healthcare industry, rising to the role of VP Strategy & Operations in the Immunology Therapeutic Area within Janssen Pharmaceuticals R&D; chairing their Operating Committee and serving on their Management Board. While working at J&J, she mentored and coached women at all levels, leading the development of workshops and training programs focused on developing women’s leadership skills. Her coaching purpose is to create clarity and insights for clients, so they can live confident, meaningful and fulfilling lives. Naomi has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is a dual US/British citizen. She lives with her husband, Jem, in St Michaels, MD.

Telephone: 610-246-2871


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Transition


Nicole Bycina

Coaching aspiring leaders be their best joyful selves



Specialty: Career, Leadership, Wellness


Patsy Cisneros, AICI CIP

Patsy Cisneros is a consultative coach who specializes in executive coaching for Directors, C-Level individuals, and medical doctors. Enhance communication skills, rapport, approachability, image, charisma, advanced presentation skills, and professional brand for high-visibility leaders.

Telephone: 888-278-1010


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Dr. Phildra Swagger

I’m an ICF ACC credentialed Coach with 25 years of leadership experience. I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to create business strategy and increase revenue. I help people get unstuck and businesses grow. Throughout my career, my perseverance and strategic approach to life and business have both inspired others and transformed their work. My goal is to help you transform your life and business. I realize building a life or business that fulfills your biggest dreams requires hard work and steadfast focus. I help you get clear on your vision and get out of your own way, so that you can accomplish your goals and enjoy the journey along the way. As a lifelong learner, I completed my undergraduate studies at North Carolina A&T State University, my M.Ed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and later my MBA and Ph.D at the University of South Florida. Drawing on my education, experiences, skills, and passion, I founded Combined Expertise, Inc., created the IGNITE model and host the Swagg University podcast to help my clients assess their capabilities, find their voice and accelerate their success. Partner with me to achieve clearly defined positive results. Contact: Phone: 813-431-4313 Email:

Telephone: 813-431-4313


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, Purpose


Rebecca Cooley

Rebecca Cooley is an instinctive Certified Master Coach with over 10 years of experience coaching and consulting individuals, business leaders, and C-suite executives from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Telephone: 919-200-0773


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Richard Huttner

Certified Professional Coach, Enrolled in Certified Master Coach program, IFC member, 10 years experience as executive leadership trainer and executive coach. Past owner Crestcom International in MA. Former CEO of three companies. Yale BA, Stanford MBA.

Telephone: 5088082021


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Leadership


Roopa Unnikrishnan

A New York City-based consulting firm that works across industries to drive leadership and team impact.

Telephone: 917-226-0183


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, People Management


Ruth Pearce

Clients say it best “Your material is not just feel good, it is solidly grounded in research & is supported by ample evidence. Not only is that evidence there, it is at your fingertips.” “You don’t just talk about playing to strengths, you do it every day, & you pull strengths out of other people. You reach into them & pull out their very core – a core they don’t always know that they have.” “Your energy is infectious. I trust you, & I know you are all about helping me be the best that I can be.”

Telephone: 845-216-3098


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Purpose


Dr. Shelly Cameron

Dr. Shelly specializes in Personal and Organizational Leadership Coaching. She has 25+ years of strategy, transformational experience across the full spectrum of OD/HR disciplines. Shelly is skilled at Leadership, Talent Development and Change Management. She is a Proven C-Suite advisor with a strong record of accomplishments in Matrixed team environment at the global, strategic, tactical, and functional levels. Dr. Shelly is a Certified Professional Coach who helps individuals manage their careers. She holds doctorate in Organizational Leadership, graduate degrees in Health Administration, HR Development and BSc Management. She lives by the highest ethical standards and works to inspire individuals to discover who they are and to become their best Possible Self to achieve success. Mantra: Let no one define what Success means to you. Define it for yourself.

Telephone: 9544951644


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management


Sharon Davis

Sharon has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Human Resources. As President of SeDA Consulting, she blends “high tech and high touch” to help grow and release the capacity in people to achieve stated goals. Sharon has proven business experience from large companies to small organization in multiple business sectors. Most coaching assignments are referrals for C-suite to Project Manager levels. Her Strategic Planning, Merger/Acquisition, Conflict Resolution experience is an asset in understanding the business context of many leadership coaching assignments. Race, culture, women, and LGBTQ+ expertise are added specialties. Through coaching, her goal is to see people and companies better off than how she found them. Sharon is delighted to help people and companies excel. Sharon’s education highlights are: Certified Professional Coach through approved International Coach Federation (ICF) program, and a B. S., Michigan State University, Multi-disciplinary (Math and Science, Psychology, Sub-Saharan African Culture, Political Science), University of Michigan - Executive Business School, – Certificates in Negotiations and Finance, and Spanish Language Institute, Cuernavaca, Mexico - Spanish Language Immersion School, and many Information Technology course.

Telephone: 248-705-2360


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Shanta Eaden

Providing leadership, career and skill development coaching, helping others reach their full potential.

Telephone: 832-304-9100


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management


Sharma Graham

Sharma is an Associate Certified Coach and a Certified Professional Coach inspiring clients to Make A Decision Every day to Lead through her M.A.D.E. to Lead Coaching Model.

Telephone: 980-272-8752


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, People Management


Healthy & realistic leadership can dramatically influence how people experience work and I’m passionate about helping managers develop into authentic leaders that people admire.

Telephone: 8028251067


Specialty: Leadership, People Management


Tisa Clark

J.D. Clark Consulting is continuously refining and expanding service offerings to clients. Our clients are able to focus on their markets and constituents as we provide the hands and leg work for them related to their development, growth and evolution. This commitment to client satisfaction, strong leadership, and mutually beneficial client relationships has helped shape J.D. Clark Consulting into a growing, sustainable enterprise poised for many successful years ahead. We provide Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching Services

Telephone: 301-351-2229


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership

Wanda Joseph

Wanda specializes in career and leadership coaching. She has over 20 years of experience working in the field of Human Resouces and Leadership Development.

Telephone: 575-323-4770


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Wayne Anderson

Business Growth, Management & Leadership Coaching, Training and Development Services

Telephone: 720-472-9291


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership


Cathy Liska

Enhance your results with a powerful coaching process that supports creating awareness, exploring options, developing strategies, defining actions, and moving forward with intention.

Telephone: 800-624-2559


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness

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