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Equitify LLC

Elevate, Empower, Excel: Diversity-Driven Transformational Leadership Coaching.

Equitify LLC

Business Description

EquitiFy's mission is to maximize the leader and optimize the organizational structure to sustain an enriching, diverse, equitable, and inclusive work ecosystem while maximizing performance. We provide a tailored strategy for every organization and execute it through culturally responsible and competent pedagogy, workshops, coaching, group facilitation, and keynote speakers. We are intent and unapologetic in identifying and countering systematic oppression to release the power of equity and inclusion. As a result, the diverse group of employees, managers, executives, and board members are equipped with the acumen, tools, goals, and systems to ensure the organization’s mission is successful.

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Full Name: Dr. Vic Baker

Telephone: 9252225340

Street Address: 2300 Contra Costa Blvd.

City: Pleasant Hill

State: California

Zip: 94523

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