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Browse the directory of Certified Professional Coaches — contact information for each coach is provided along with a brief description and up to three niche areas of expertise. Find a Certified Coach that is right for you based on your wants and focus.

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Gene Mage

Gene Mage, Executive Coach, Certified Master Coach

Telephone: 6159273655


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Cathy Liska

Cathy Liska is the CEO/founder of the Center for Coaching Solutions and the Center for Coaching Certification. Her personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion to empower others to achieve the results they desire.

Telephone: 843-209-2641


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Catherine Baskin, CAC, CPCC, PCC

Aspirations Coaching Services offers Executive and Leadership Coaching that inspires and empowers men and women to be transformed and thrive as great leaders. Executive and Leadership Coaching will equip and prepare you for those pressing challenges you are experiencing; communicating your vision, thinking strategically, executive presence, shifting mindset, team performance, managing up, organizational changes, leading change, time management, inspiring others, engagement, empowering and motivating, performance management, increasing confidence, work relationship challenges, encouraging action and innovation, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. And much more.

Telephone: 301-812-7692


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Keela Edwards Oyewole

Keela founded Praxis Coaching Solutions, LLC, an ADHD Life and Productivity Coaching firm that specializes in providing individualized action plans that address the issues of middle school students, adult professionals and families issues of procrastination, time management, organization and task planning. At Praxis Coaching Solutions, clients are taught how to do MORE in LESS time. Keela focuses on providing her clients with ADHD Strategies Made Simple.

Telephone: 682-374-3032


Specialty: Career, Family or Relationships, Skill Development


Terry Phillips

I have 30+ years in public education and 14+ years mentoring and developing leaders. My coaching includes personal goals, business development, and leadership development.

Telephone: 571-379-6948


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management, Skill Development, Transition


Linda Dohemann, CPC, CSPT, CAYT, BA

Is it time to take action moving you into a successful life? Transformation expert and Certified Professional Coach, Linda Miki facilitates clients internationally to reach their highest potential.

Telephone: 808-443-8243


Specialty: Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Sara Ermeti

Sara provides one-on-one coaching and individualized resume writing services for those of all ages, career stages and interest in all industries. Sara is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years experience in the field of human resources including University teaching to both traditional and non-traditional students. In addition, she provides HR Consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Telephone: ‪(574) 213-2425


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Gaby Alvarez-Pollack

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Learning expert with an emphasis in strategic talent management, behavioral assessments and human improvement. Passionate and focused on bringing individual talents and strengths to life and opening paths of continuous improvement and learning. Gallup Strengths Coach/EQi2.0 Certified Coach/DISC Certified Coach

Telephone: (619)890-1543


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Skill Development


Joy Cox

Joy is an academic coach who provides one-on-one interactive coaching with students that focuses on the process of learning how to learn. She has spent her career working as a high school mathematics and science teacher, college professor, academic advisor, education learning specialist and academic coach. She has facilitated small group workshops to help students create study products while implementing, practicing, and perfecting their metacognitive learning strategies. Her years as an educator gives me a unique insight into the best ways to help high school, undergraduate and professional students succeed as they transition through various levels of their education.

Telephone: 502-835-5722


Specialty: Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Jennifer Bellinger

I am a coach who guides my clients to their own solutions through the exploration of possibilities, weighing of options and educated solution selection. Together we set goals, create a plan of action, implement the plan, make course adjustments when necessary, identify centers of focus and sources of motivation leading to a plan for accountability and ultimately achieving the goals set by the client.

Telephone: 618-920-9837


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, Skill Development

Jeremy Rinkel

Jeremy focuses provides one-on-one and group coaching for those searching to discover their life purpose, unlock their creativity and become better communicators. Jeremy is an author, teacher, and a lifestyle entrepreneur creating harmony and bringing out the best in people so they can reach their maximum potential.

Telephone: 2176636326


Specialty: Career, Purpose, Skill Development


Jonathan Villaire

Cognize Consulting leadership coaching services are specifically designed to help today's managers and executives become more engaging leaders through the joint exploration of their leadership styles and areas for growth and enlightenment in the practice of employee engagement and experience.

Telephone: 617-686-9042


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Kaleen Barbera

Kaleen works with small teams of professionals at various levels to identify challenges and construct relevant, practical solutions for improvement in presentation, communication, effeciency and finding ways to add value and enhance service.

Telephone: 630-999-7312


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Skill Development


Karen Mildenhall

KM Leadership Solutions works with high-potential leaders in mid-sized to large organizations who are stuck in their progress as leaders. They are on the leadership bench and are not quite ready for that next big assignment. These individuals and teams are high-performers that are driven to succeed. I help them break through and demonstrate their authentic leadership behavior.

Telephone: 602-885-3439


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Karen Kimball

From non-profit leadership to young adults in college, understanding executive functions skills supports growth and development. But we aren't all good at all of them. Instead, I help clients discern their strengths and how to manage challenges. Together, we build confidence and success.

Telephone: 214-403-2184


Specialty: Skill Development, Transition


Kaila Epps, MBA, CPC

I help working professional women build interviewing and networking skills so that they can confidently move forward in taking control of their careers.

Telephone: 317-490-5324


Specialty: Career, Skill Development, Transition


Kimberly Blanchette, Ed.D., CMC

Dr. Blanchette is a career and life coach who helps people connect their passion and skills to meaningful and fulfilling purpose. A higher education leader and teacher for over two decades, Kim has coached college students, staff, and faculty as they pursued education, training, and professional careers. Kim’s life purpose is to coach, guide, teach, and share wisdom. Today, Kim offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual and group coaching, to seminars and online courses, and keynote speeches.

Telephone: 603 236-6096


Specialty: Business Management, Career, Leadership, Life Events, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition


Lisa Hilton

Lisa is an executive and leadership coach, organizational development consultant and facilitator, with over 20 years experience working with organizations to achieve success through leadership development, strategic decision-making, change management, performance management, team leadership, emotional intelligence, workforce effectiveness, conflict management, and effective communication. Lisa provides a coaching and facilitation strategy uniquely tailored to each individual to align leaders and employee behaviors, turn high potentials into high-impact leaders and cultivate team accountability and inspire peak performance results.

Telephone: 713-927-2667


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, Skill Development


Meghan Okerlund

Life Coach Meghan Okerlund is a Master Coach whose mission is to cultivate her clients' growth, excellence, and well-being. She is dedicated to creating a partnership that best serves you, supports your endeavors, and produces results. Coach Okerlund graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2008 and the Center for Coaching Certification in 2019 and 2020. As a Mom, professional equestrian, team sports coach, and lifelong manager of an autoimmune disease, Coach Okerlund understands the value of daily balance, well-being, and diligence in your pursuit of what matters most. Her insights into leadership, accountability and productive encouragement foster her mission and dedicate her to her clients' objectives. Coach Okerlund is committed to her three components of extraordinary coaching: Biblical Values, Exceptional Awareness, and Active Coaching. With the right tools and support, you can strategically maneuver through life's challenges and discouragements, and you can master the obstacles and set-backs to achieve what is meaningful to you.

Telephone: 8135235833


Specialty: Purpose, Skill Development, Wellness

Mindy Potter

Caladium provides Executive Coaching to leaders of people and specializes in Leadership/High Potential Development, Interpersonal Skills and Team Engagement and helps clients achieve their goals for success and fulfillment in their chosen profession.

Telephone: 404-312-3853


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Patsy Cisneros, AICI CIP

Patsy Cisneros is a consultative coach who specializes in executive coaching for Directors, C-Level individuals, and medical doctors. Enhance communication skills, rapport, approachability, image, charisma, advanced presentation skills, and professional brand for high-visibility leaders.

Telephone: 888-278-1010


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Rebecca Cooley

Rebecca Cooley is an instinctive Certified Master Coach with over 10 years of experience coaching and consulting individuals, business leaders, and C-suite executives from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Telephone: 919-200-0773


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Sharon Davis

Sharon has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Human Resources. As President of SeDA Consulting, she blends “high tech and high touch” to help grow and release the capacity in people to achieve stated goals. Sharon has proven business experience from large companies to small organization in multiple business sectors. Most coaching assignments are referrals for C-suite to Project Manager levels. Her Strategic Planning, Merger/Acquisition, Conflict Resolution experience is an asset in understanding the business context of many leadership coaching assignments. Race, culture, women, and LGBTQ+ expertise are added specialties. Through coaching, her goal is to see people and companies better off than how she found them. Sharon is delighted to help people and companies excel. Sharon’s education highlights are: Certified Professional Coach through approved International Coach Federation (ICF) program, and a B. S., Michigan State University, Multi-disciplinary (Math and Science, Psychology, Sub-Saharan African Culture, Political Science), University of Michigan - Executive Business School, – Certificates in Negotiations and Finance, and Spanish Language Institute, Cuernavaca, Mexico - Spanish Language Immersion School, and many Information Technology course.

Telephone: 248-705-2360


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Skill Development

Wanda Joseph

Wanda specializes in career and leadership coaching. She has over 20 years of experience working in the field of Human Resouces and Leadership Development.

Telephone: 575-323-4770


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Skill Development


Cathy Liska

Enhance your results with a powerful coaching process that supports creating awareness, exploring options, developing strategies, defining actions, and moving forward with intention.

Telephone: 800-624-2559


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness

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