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Browse the directory of Certified Professional Coaches — contact information for each coach is provided along with a brief description and up to three niche areas of expertise. Find a Certified Coach that is right for you based on your wants and focus.

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Amy Gamblin

Amy Gamblin is Owner of Solid Ground Career Coaching. She is an ACC credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation and a Certified Professional Resume Writer through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Her philosophy is when you succeed, we all succeed. Amy is passionate about your growth and your success. Her mission is to empower, inspire and motivate others to power their growth and achieve their goals through strategic and focused collaboration.

Telephone: 859-559-6334


Specialty: Career, Purpose, Transition


Cathy Liska

Cathy Liska is the CEO/founder of the Center for Coaching Solutions and the Center for Coaching Certification. Her personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion to empower others to achieve the results they desire.

Telephone: 843-209-2641


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Patti Oskvarek

She specializes in Personal, Business and Leadership coaching. She has over 20 years of experience as a supervisor and leadership skills. She inspires others to pursue their passions in life whether it is their relationships, career, business, or leadership skills. She is passionate about helping others find their passion, purpose and confidence in their life.

Telephone: 480-204-0604


Specialty: Business Management, Leadership, Purpose


Cecilia Zapata-Harms, MS, MHA, CPC

Focused, intuitive and empowering approach in coaching

Telephone: 206-841-0075


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


David Lazarus

I help creatives and professionals like you who feel stuck, unmotivated or unfulfilled find clarity and create their next chapter with purpose.

Telephone: 323-687-0884


Specialty: Life Events, Purpose, Wellness


Dr. Donna Rhoades, PhD, CRC, CPC

We work remotely across the US or in-person within the Central Florida area offering a full array of personal and group services including coaching, counseling, assessment, evaluation, and other services. Reach out today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation introductory session:; (803) 730-4730; or It will be my pleasure to respond to you!

Telephone: 803-730-4730


Specialty: Career, Life Events, Purpose


Gaby Alvarez-Pollack

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Learning expert with an emphasis in strategic talent management, behavioral assessments and human improvement. Passionate and focused on bringing individual talents and strengths to life and opening paths of continuous improvement and learning. Gallup Strengths Coach/EQi2.0 Certified Coach/DISC Certified Coach

Telephone: (619)890-1543


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Skill Development


Phil Koneman

As a Certified Professional Coach, I’ll help you discover what you want, identify barriers, and utilize forward-looking tools for change as you choose your priorities and define your action steps.



Specialty: Career, Life Events, Purpose


Jill Walters

As a Certified Master, Life, and Executive Coach, Jill brings a unique spin on discovering you and helping you move forward. Available for 1:1 or group coaching, allowing you the opportunity to have your journey and success collide.

Telephone: 740-981-6813


Specialty: Business Growth, People Management, Purpose

Jeremy Rinkel

Jeremy focuses provides one-on-one and group coaching for those searching to discover their life purpose, unlock their creativity and become better communicators. Jeremy is an author, teacher, and a lifestyle entrepreneur creating harmony and bringing out the best in people so they can reach their maximum potential.

Telephone: 2176636326


Specialty: Career, Purpose, Skill Development


Jerrell Moore

I provide individuals and organizations with the insight, advice and tools they need to fuel dramatic change through executive coaching and leadership consulting. With more than 15 years in human resources and leadership development, I have advised and counseled countless leaders at Fortune© companies from the Hollywood actress to the c-suite executive.

Telephone: 678-757-5355


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Kashfia Khan

Kashfia's mission is to guide impact driven women define their way forward in leadership, and in life. A Certified Professional Coach with over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry working in government, non-profit, and corporate.



Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Kimberly Blanchette, Ed.D., CMC

Dr. Blanchette is a career and life coach who helps people connect their passion and skills to meaningful and fulfilling purpose. A higher education leader and teacher for over two decades, Kim has coached college students, staff, and faculty as they pursued education, training, and professional careers. Kim’s life purpose is to coach, guide, teach, and share wisdom. Today, Kim offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual and group coaching, to seminars and online courses, and keynote speeches.

Telephone: 603 236-6096


Specialty: Business Management, Career, Leadership, Life Events, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition


Kiersten Simon

Executive Coach | Certified Master Coach Leadership Development | Mentoring | Personal Growth

Telephone: 16103310899


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Transition


Kirby Kirkpatrick

Coach Kirby has been providing professional development training and coaching for over twenty years. An accomplished business owner and author he is a master connector and vision caster. Everyone, regardless of their level of success, get stuck. Kirby is an expert at helping the "stuck" get "unstuck". He is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator, and Certified Five Behaviors Facilitator.

Telephone: 317-435-0155


Specialty: Business Growth, Purpose, Transition


Kris Liebau

Trust Yourself. Reach Your Team. Act with Impact Together. Stop firefighting and start doing the work you and your team are meant to do. With empowering private and group leadership coaching, identify the most valuable actions you can take to grow yourself, lead with ease, communicate well, and guide everyone to reach their potential. If it’s time to get off the hamster wheel and show up as the leader you really want to be – we can help. Let’s find your way to act with impact together.

Telephone: 419 509 0509


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Purpose


Karen Wrolson

I am a Certified Life Coach with a Master's Degree in Counseling as well as a Master's Degree in Education. I specialize in working with teens and their parents. I offer Life Coaching as well as educational programs.

Telephone: 805-427-0231


Specialty: Family or Relationships, Life Events, Purpose


Laura Masters

Laura has a powerful style and a passion for empowering individuals to reach uncommon levels of personal joy, success and peaceful satisfaction. Using neuroscience, coaching tools and her innate, perceptive intuition, Laura effectively creates a deep awareness of dreams and purpose in her clients, explores a myriad of invigorating possibilities and creative strategies for actions steps, and brilliantly guides individuals towards the achievement of inspired, powerful results. Aligning action with core values, Laura inspires her clients to cheerfully create abundance, happiness and an energetic excitement that will naturally transform relationships, careers and lifestyle.

Telephone: 7077380843


Specialty: Family or Relationships, Purpose, Transition


Margi Bush

Margi is a Certified Master Coach offering one-on-one coaching, team coaching and leadership coaching. She is an accountability partner acting as a catalyst for change offering a coaching relationship, which provides the client an opportunity to focus on what they want. Margi’s open-ended questions, genuine curiosity, and active listening helps her clients in being the captain of their own ship, fostering self-awareness, helping her clients develop resourcefulness for creating and sustaining the purposeful life that they want. Margi is a Certified MBTI® Practitioner generating in-depth reports to help the client better understand themself, build on their personal strengths, and improve their interaction with others. Using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument, she can provide workshops in the areas of Leadership, Team Building and Conflict Management around personality types. Margi is the author of, “Finding Space for Responsible Risk Taking” and “Designing Your Own Strategic Roadmap: Creating an Overarching Framework of What You Want.” Read her blog at: where Margi speaks on topics related to personal growth, professional growth, leadership, communication.

Telephone: 3045494630


Specialty: Leadership, Purpose, Transition


Meghan Okerlund

Life Coach Meghan Okerlund is a Master Coach whose mission is to cultivate her clients' growth, excellence, and well-being. She is dedicated to creating a partnership that best serves you, supports your endeavors, and produces results. Coach Okerlund graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2008 and the Center for Coaching Certification in 2019 and 2020. As a Mom, professional equestrian, team sports coach, and lifelong manager of an autoimmune disease, Coach Okerlund understands the value of daily balance, well-being, and diligence in your pursuit of what matters most. Her insights into leadership, accountability and productive encouragement foster her mission and dedicate her to her clients' objectives. Coach Okerlund is committed to her three components of extraordinary coaching: Biblical Values, Exceptional Awareness, and Active Coaching. With the right tools and support, you can strategically maneuver through life's challenges and discouragements, and you can master the obstacles and set-backs to achieve what is meaningful to you.

Telephone: 8135235833


Specialty: Purpose, Skill Development, Wellness


Melissa Green

I am a career coach that specializes in helping young professionals, especially former D1/D2/D3/Semi-Pro/Pro athletes, transition to a new path in their lives - one that they have envisioned and developed to be the most authentic versions of themselves. If you're a former athlete transitioning to your first job as a young professional, a young professional trying to find their way in their first job, or a young professional looking to transition to another job, let me work with you. Contact me for an initial free consultation!

Telephone: 3124776090


Specialty: Career, Purpose, Transition


Mikka Abbington

I am a certified Life Coach specializing in helping you conceive your vision. I help individuals dealing with infertility in all areas of their life be it family planning, purpose or career. I can help you conceive your vision.



Specialty: Family or Relationships, Life Events, Purpose


Dr. Phildra Swagger

I’m an ICF ACC credentialed Coach with 25 years of leadership experience. I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to create business strategy and increase revenue. I help people get unstuck and businesses grow. Throughout my career, my perseverance and strategic approach to life and business have both inspired others and transformed their work. My goal is to help you transform your life and business. I realize building a life or business that fulfills your biggest dreams requires hard work and steadfast focus. I help you get clear on your vision and get out of your own way, so that you can accomplish your goals and enjoy the journey along the way. As a lifelong learner, I completed my undergraduate studies at North Carolina A&T State University, my M.Ed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and later my MBA and Ph.D at the University of South Florida. Drawing on my education, experiences, skills, and passion, I founded Combined Expertise, Inc., created the IGNITE model and host the Swagg University podcast to help my clients assess their capabilities, find their voice and accelerate their success. Partner with me to achieve clearly defined positive results. Contact: Phone: 813-431-4313 Email:

Telephone: 813-431-4313


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, Purpose


Rachael Alvarez

I help LEO S (Law enforcement officers) transition from the law enforcement and help with them retire with confidence



Specialty: Life Events, Purpose, Transition


Ruth Pearce

Clients say it best “Your material is not just feel good, it is solidly grounded in research & is supported by ample evidence. Not only is that evidence there, it is at your fingertips.” “You don’t just talk about playing to strengths, you do it every day, & you pull strengths out of other people. You reach into them & pull out their very core – a core they don’t always know that they have.” “Your energy is infectious. I trust you, & I know you are all about helping me be the best that I can be.”

Telephone: 845-216-3098


Specialty: Leadership, People Management, Purpose

Sharon McCone, CPC, CFP

Our Career Advancement coaching introduces a powerful blend of the best traditional practices and state-of-the-art techniques for effective job search and career self-management in today's changing times.

Telephone: 703-343-3582


Specialty: Career, Purpose, Transition


Sharon Dolak

Here is what makes me effective. I have lived and overcome so much of where you are right now. Diligently working on improving myself and skills. I know how to help you. As that confidential partner I know how to help you discover and step into something greater for yourself . Most importantly, we collaborate as partners in understanding how your rugged but beautiful mind works in the territory of your personal and professional life. The agenda is determined by you. I see you as whole and resourceful. Because of my view of you, I am able to help you to realize and accept new ways to think about yourself, rather than the voice you currently hear inside your head. I help you to get clear on what is true in your thinking and what is a lie or barrier.

Telephone: 817-781-7910


Specialty: Family or Relationships, Life Events, Purpose


Cathy Liska

Enhance your results with a powerful coaching process that supports creating awareness, exploring options, developing strategies, defining actions, and moving forward with intention.

Telephone: 800-624-2559


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness

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