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Browse the directory of Certified Professional Coaches — contact information for each coach is provided along with a brief description and up to three niche areas of expertise. Find a Certified Coach that is right for you based on your wants and focus.

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Cathy Liska

Cathy Liska is the CEO/founder of the Center for Coaching Solutions and the Center for Coaching Certification. Her personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion to empower others to achieve the results they desire.

Telephone: 843-209-2641


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Valerie Chaney

Strategic partner to business owners, executives and professionals in the discovery, implementation and execution of solutions to the impediments of sustainable growth and success.

Telephone: 610-203-6286


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership


Dina Simon

Leadership and life coaching to find your unstoppableness.

Telephone: 651-270-1118


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, People Management


Ellen Zebrun

It's time to get clear and get going. As The Clear Strategy Coach, I can help you do that. When working with you, I focus on partnering with you for enhanced success in your business, career and professional transitions.

Telephone: 612-750-5567


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Transition


Jill Walters

As a Certified Master, Life, and Executive Coach, Jill brings a unique spin on discovering you and helping you move forward. Available for 1:1 or group coaching, allowing you the opportunity to have your journey and success collide.

Telephone: 740-981-6813


Specialty: Business Growth, People Management, Purpose


Jennifer Bellinger

I am a coach who guides my clients to their own solutions through the exploration of possibilities, weighing of options and educated solution selection. Together we set goals, create a plan of action, implement the plan, make course adjustments when necessary, identify centers of focus and sources of motivation leading to a plan for accountability and ultimately achieving the goals set by the client.

Telephone: 618-920-9837


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, Skill Development


Kaleen Barbera

Kaleen works with small teams of professionals at various levels to identify challenges and construct relevant, practical solutions for improvement in presentation, communication, effeciency and finding ways to add value and enhance service.

Telephone: 630-999-7312


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Skill Development


Karen Mildenhall

KM Leadership Solutions works with high-potential leaders in mid-sized to large organizations who are stuck in their progress as leaders. They are on the leadership bench and are not quite ready for that next big assignment. These individuals and teams are high-performers that are driven to succeed. I help them break through and demonstrate their authentic leadership behavior.

Telephone: 602-885-3439


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership, People Management, Skill Development


Kirby Kirkpatrick

Coach Kirby has been providing professional development training and coaching for over twenty years. An accomplished business owner and author he is a master connector and vision caster. Everyone, regardless of their level of success, get stuck. Kirby is an expert at helping the "stuck" get "unstuck". He is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator, and Certified Five Behaviors Facilitator.

Telephone: 317-435-0155


Specialty: Business Growth, Purpose, Transition


Lisa Platske

An award-winning leadership and connection expert and certified professional coach, Lisa Marie's high-energy presentations and coaching programs have been transforming people and organizations for over a decade. Using her seven (7) step

Telephone: 305-447-9634


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership


Lisi Kempton

Lisi Kempton is a Business Growth Expert who has been guiding entrepreneurs and small team business owners to strategic, scalable, and sustainable success for almost 20 years. A certified professional coach with an emphasis on social and emotional intelligence, Lisi developed a four-part framework that takes a whole-business and systematic approach to growth. She believes the key to success is building a business infrastructure designed to scale, before you start trying to scale. Lisi is quoted as saying “You can’t scale your business, until you first build a business that scales.” She is also the author of “From Budding Entrepreneur to Empowered Business Owner: The Essential Foundations & Systems You Need to Build a Thriving Successful Business”. Lisi quickly assess the big picture, breaks complex business challenges into manageable action steps, and provides ongoing support to ensure her clients achieve their highest visions and full potential.

Telephone: 303-859-1606


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, People Management


Michael DiMedio

Certified Professional Coach with decades of leadership and management experience in business.

Telephone: 312-882-8673


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Leadership


Matt Holmes

Change or Take Back your Work Life! I'm Matt Holmes and I'm a Business Coach specializing in working with first-time business owners and startup founders. Contact me for a FREE Consultation!

Telephone: 253-282-7982


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career


Dr. Phildra Swagger

I’m an ICF ACC credentialed Coach with 25 years of leadership experience. I work with leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to create business strategy and increase revenue. I help people get unstuck and businesses grow. Throughout my career, my perseverance and strategic approach to life and business have both inspired others and transformed their work. My goal is to help you transform your life and business. I realize building a life or business that fulfills your biggest dreams requires hard work and steadfast focus. I help you get clear on your vision and get out of your own way, so that you can accomplish your goals and enjoy the journey along the way. As a lifelong learner, I completed my undergraduate studies at North Carolina A&T State University, my M.Ed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and later my MBA and Ph.D at the University of South Florida. Drawing on my education, experiences, skills, and passion, I founded Combined Expertise, Inc., created the IGNITE model and host the Swagg University podcast to help my clients assess their capabilities, find their voice and accelerate their success. Partner with me to achieve clearly defined positive results. Contact: Phone: 813-431-4313 Email:

Telephone: 813-431-4313


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, Purpose


Richard Huttner

Certified Professional Coach, Enrolled in Certified Master Coach program, IFC member, 10 years experience as executive leadership trainer and executive coach. Past owner Crestcom International in MA. Former CEO of three companies. Yale BA, Stanford MBA.

Telephone: 5088082021


Specialty: Business Growth, Career, Leadership


Roopa Unnikrishnan

A New York City-based consulting firm that works across industries to drive leadership and team impact.

Telephone: 917-226-0183


Specialty: Business Growth, Leadership, People Management


Tisa Clark

J.D. Clark Consulting is continuously refining and expanding service offerings to clients. Our clients are able to focus on their markets and constituents as we provide the hands and leg work for them related to their development, growth and evolution. This commitment to client satisfaction, strong leadership, and mutually beneficial client relationships has helped shape J.D. Clark Consulting into a growing, sustainable enterprise poised for many successful years ahead. We provide Business, Leadership and Executive Coaching Services

Telephone: 301-351-2229


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership


Wayne Anderson

Business Growth, Management & Leadership Coaching, Training and Development Services

Telephone: 720-472-9291


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Leadership


Cathy Liska

Enhance your results with a powerful coaching process that supports creating awareness, exploring options, developing strategies, defining actions, and moving forward with intention.

Telephone: 800-624-2559


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness

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