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Browse the directory of Certified Professional Coaches — contact information for each coach is provided along with a brief description and up to three niche areas of expertise. Find a Certified Coach that is right for you based on your wants and focus.

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Angela Woods

Angela H. Woods has a proven leadership track record. She has 20+ years of demonstrated ability to lead strategy & organizational alignment, increase revenue growth, design workplace giving strategies, drive expense management and demonstrate corporate social responsibility impact and DEI strategy

Telephone: 901-652-8235


Specialty: Career, Leadership, People Management, Wellness


Beth Donovan

You are here because you want something better for yourself and you’ve tried so many times and so many things… You’re just not sure if change is even possible anymore. Don't give up!

Telephone: 317-772-5766


Specialty: Wellness


Cathy Liska

Cathy Liska is the CEO/founder of the Center for Coaching Solutions and the Center for Coaching Certification. Her personal mission statement is “People.” Cathy is known for her passion to empower others to achieve the results they desire.

Telephone: 843-209-2641


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Linda Dohemann, CPC, CSPT, CAYT, BA

Is it time to take action moving you into a successful life? Transformation expert and Certified Professional Coach, Linda Miki facilitates clients internationally to reach their highest potential.

Telephone: 808-443-8243


Specialty: Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


David Lazarus

I help creatives and professionals like you who feel stuck, unmotivated or unfulfilled find clarity and create their next chapter with purpose.

Telephone: 323-687-0884


Specialty: Life Events, Purpose, Wellness


Joy Cox

Joy is an academic coach who provides one-on-one interactive coaching with students that focuses on the process of learning how to learn. She has spent her career working as a high school mathematics and science teacher, college professor, academic advisor, education learning specialist and academic coach. She has facilitated small group workshops to help students create study products while implementing, practicing, and perfecting their metacognitive learning strategies. Her years as an educator gives me a unique insight into the best ways to help high school, undergraduate and professional students succeed as they transition through various levels of their education.

Telephone: 502-835-5722


Specialty: Skill Development, Transition, Wellness


Jennifer Connell

Jennifer is not your typical entrepreneur. She thrives when she serves in a coaching and consultative roles, supporting individuals in developing their internal capacity to lead, adapt to change, and achieve new heights of success. She earned her Masters degree in Organizational Systems and integrates her multi-disciplinary professional and personal experience with her integrity, humor, creativity and passion. Her dynamic style enhances her ability to bridge the gap between an individual’s vision and the human resources required to fulfill it.

Telephone: 904-252-7935


Specialty: Career, Leadership, Wellness


Lisa Pinion

Lisa Pinion is a Certified Professional Coach and business leader with more than 20 years of experience coaching and developing award winning corporate cultures. Lisa leverages her coaching and business expertise to unleash the potential of individuals and businesses and to inspires success at all levels.

Telephone: 847-476-2599


Specialty: Wellness


Meghan Okerlund

Life Coach Meghan Okerlund is a Master Coach whose mission is to cultivate her clients' growth, excellence, and well-being. She is dedicated to creating a partnership that best serves you, supports your endeavors, and produces results. Coach Okerlund graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2008 and the Center for Coaching Certification in 2019 and 2020. As a Mom, professional equestrian, team sports coach, and lifelong manager of an autoimmune disease, Coach Okerlund understands the value of daily balance, well-being, and diligence in your pursuit of what matters most. Her insights into leadership, accountability and productive encouragement foster her mission and dedicate her to her clients' objectives. Coach Okerlund is committed to her three components of extraordinary coaching: Biblical Values, Exceptional Awareness, and Active Coaching. With the right tools and support, you can strategically maneuver through life's challenges and discouragements, and you can master the obstacles and set-backs to achieve what is meaningful to you.

Telephone: 8135235833


Specialty: Purpose, Skill Development, Wellness


Pam McRae

Pam is not only a certified coach with This Naked Mind, but also a certified Professional Coach. She can take you from your struggles with life/alcohol to a full spectrum of beauty that you knew you had deep down inside. With her scientific expertise based knowledge, she can assist you to become alcohol free and overcome your shame by moving forward towards freedom.

Telephone: 6135030215


Specialty: Life Events, Transition, Wellness


Teresa Schmitz

Certified Master Coach delivering 1:1 individual coaching sessions and group coaching sessions based on mindfulness and the Positive Intelligence (PQ) operating model. Specialties Body Acceptance, Self Acceptance, Self Compassion and Self Confidence.



Specialty: Life Events, Transition, Wellness


Tracy Prunty

I am a Certified Professional Coach with the tools and understanding to help you take on a fresh perspective, consider your possibilities, and move forward with an action plan. I have 25+ years of professional experience as a Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant working with special need students, parents, and teachers in the public schools. I help to even the playing field for those of us living with various developmental and intellectual exceptionalities to participate successfully in daily occupations (activities that you engage in). I am a life-long learner striving to improve my skills for the benefit of my clients on an ongoing basis. I have earned a Bachelor Degree from the University of Indiana and Associate Degrees from Keene State College and New Hampshire Community Technical College. I hold a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License specializing in referrals. I am a Certified Level One Handwriting Without Tears Tutor. Together We Can Do Great Things

Telephone: 863-880-2828


Specialty: Family or Relationships, Life Events, Wellness


Cathy Liska

Enhance your results with a powerful coaching process that supports creating awareness, exploring options, developing strategies, defining actions, and moving forward with intention.

Telephone: 800-624-2559


Specialty: Business Growth, Business Management, Career, Family or Relationships, Leadership, Life Events, Marketing, People Management, Purpose, Skill Development, Transition, Wellness

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